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Saturday, April 24, 2010

People Like Him!

"Bow, just tell me what you want." It was the usual routine. Bow being uncooperative and me trying to encourage him to speak this morning at breakfast.

"They didn't give you a chimp who likes to talk," he spelled out in Hebrew.

Sword, on the other side of the glass, not taken in by his "poor me" act, insisted: "There's no 'they' Bow. You choose what you do. Nobody makes you act like this. It's just you!"

That's when when Bow switched languages. He started spelling out in English: "People like me."

I laughed. "Yes, people like you," I said in Hebrew. We frown on code-switching in this house. I don't let my kids get away with switching languages in the middle of a conversation.

But he spelled out in English again: "OK, I love Sword, too."

Not exactly on point, but much more positive than the usual tangents he goes on.


  1. Oh. Bow is cute (I hope he wouldn't be offended by the comment though).

  2. June, I think he'll take it as more evidence that "people like him". ;->