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Friday, June 25, 2010

He's so easy going!

I have some friends coming in for out of town today, people from grad school. Yesterday, I had Lawrence help  me with Bow, so that  I could prepare.  When I came in to take over for Lawrence, he pointed out that two little drips by the potty were not Bow's doing. Lawrence had rinsed out the potty with water, and some of it had dripped. He wanted to make sure that I knew it wasn't Bow, so that Bow would not be in trouble.

When I came in to the pen, Bow immediately took my hand and led me to the glass. "Bow is not mad at the guy," he spelled.

Lawrence was making his way out of the entrance to the pens, so I told him: "Bow says he's not mad at you."

"About what?" Lawrence asked.

"That you dripped, I think," I guessed.

Lawrence laughed. "Thank you, Bow," he said.

After Lawrence left, Bow spelled: "Yes, Mommy understood right."

Bow doesn't understand why we get so upset if he drips on the floor. He was trying to make a magnanimous gesture of forgiving such a misdeed by somebody  else.