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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sharing the Fat

Lawrence called in this morning to say his wife is sick, and he can't come today. This is just as well, except that we've run out of bananas and are about to run out of apples. (I usually do my major grocery shopping on Mondays, when Lawrence comes in.) It's not a big deal, my pantry is well-stocked,  and we won't starve. Tonight, after Bow is in bed, Sword and I will go to Wal*Mart and get more fruit. Meanwhile, I served Bow a bowl of pork and beans along with his apple. I figured it would keep him full till dinner time, and he won't mind. He actually likes pork and beans, and he made happy, excited noises when he saw he was getting that.

When I came in to pick up the empty bowl, I noticed there were two little cubes of pork fat still in the spoon. The bowl was very, very empty, all except for the fat in the spoon. I wondered whether he had decided he was too full or whether he thought the fat wasn't for eating. But as I approached, Bow sat back down by the bowl and picked up the spoon. I thought he was going to finish eating, but instead he held up the spoon toward me. "You want me to eat that?" He indicated "yes" by motioning with the spoon toward my mouth.

"Okay." So I ate the fat. I had been worried there were too many carbs in my lunch, anyway, so this will probably increase my fat to carb ratio for the better. Funny, though, the ideas he gets about what he will or will not eat. He eats cardboard, you know, if I leave him alone with it!

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