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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Banana

As a chimpanzee entering puberty, Bow has his good days, as well as days when he is not so good. It is not always that anything bad has happened. Sometimes he's just irritable and on edge and nothing satisfies him.

Today has been a day of getting into trouble, but only to a moderate degree. I try to accomplish as much as I can, no matter what mood Bow is in, but the truth is that this morning, after I submitted the latest corrected version of Ping & the Snirkelly People to CreateSpace, and after I had checked on my Facebook and Hubpages news, I was kind of out of things to do. Or rather, even though I have list of things to do, I didn't feel like doing them.

Hubpages has been hit hard by the Google algorithm change, and so my traffic there has diminished considerably. A lot of people blame low quality hubs for the Google backlash, and while everyone is sure their own hubs are wonderful, people are casting aspersions on other hubbers, saying their hubs are too short or not meaningful enough. I'm staying out of that. I have long hubs and short ones. I think each of them is just the right length for what it was supposed to accomplish. About the time of the algorithm change, I published a very long hub about National Anthems. It is over 4000 words, took me over a year to write, and covers some interesting historical facts about specific national anthems, as well as dealing with the whole issue of nationalism. To date, I have had only three hits that came through Google. This is discouraging.

Of course, like most people, I have short hubs, too, that didn't take me long to write and are not all that deep. This morning, I went to look at my We have no bananas today hub. It's very short and rather shallow, but I don't think there's any reason to discard it. I played the embedded song, and went in with Bow. Bow became very animated, put his hands on my waist, and insisted I dance with him. We danced all around the pen.

When the song was over, I went to check my email, but then Bow made raspberry sounds, and I went to ask him what he wanted. "More banana," he spelled.

"Bow, it's not time to eat yet," I said reflexively. Then I looked at him, did a double take and asked: "Do you mean that you want me to play the banana song again?"


So I played it again. And we danced again. Bow definitely prefers that song to the Marseillaise!

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