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Friday, March 30, 2012

With SB 666 shelved, Bow enjoys the fine spring weather

I would like to thank everyone who was supportive during the recent scare involving SB 666. Some of you sent in contributions that helped to defray the costs of my trip to Jefferson City last week. This is very much appreciated! I was able to meet with my state Senator Chuck Purgason. I gave him a copy of When Sword Met Bow and of the 2005 Project Bow DVD. He listened more than he spoke, but he did tell me during our meeting that he was the only one who voted against the bill in committee.

I left the state capitol not knowing how it would turn out, as the bill did not come up for discussion that day. I knew Senator Purgason was on our side, but I wasn't sure what he could do to help. When the bill came up for discussion on the senate floor this Monday, Senator Purgason really came through! If you would like to hear some of the things he said, you can access the audio files at his website. Senator Purgason is a plain speaking man and comes straight to the point. There is no ape problem in the state of Missouri, and this legislation was a ploy by bureaucrats to drum up over $130,000 in revenue per year, which, if not paid by the ape owners who would be forced to flee the state upon passage of the legislation, would end up being paid by the taxpayers at large. And, no, this bill wasn't requested by ordinary taxpayers concerned about the threat of rampaging apes. It was pushed by a coalition of out-of-state lobbyists and  zoo people who want a monopoly on great apes.

I am proud of my state senator for standing up to the powers that be! It is very encouraging to see that one man acting alone can do so much good, just by pointing out some obvious facts.

The proposed legislation has been shelved on the informal calendar, where hopefully it will die. But we have to remain vigilant, because if someone like Senator Purgason is not there to speak for us, you can be sure they will try it again!

Now that I am not preoccupied with SB 666, Bow and I can go back to our ordinary pursuits. It's spring. The dogwood tree is in bloom. Sword has a new puppy named Leo. Until school lets out in May, I have to help with the puppy while she is at school. This means Bow has to sometimes cede the center of attention, which he is reluctant to do. And I have a new book coming out, Vacuum County, which I must try to proof before its publication date, April 19.

Here is a video of what Bow and I did this morning, now that everything is back to normal:

Bow is curious about Leo, and he sometimes seems to identify with him. But he is also very jealous.You can see that Bow has no trouble expressing his desires. He does not require anyone to hold his hand in order to say "no."


  1. Why is Bow rocking like that?

  2. Bow rocks if he finds something boring or annoying. When he lost interest in being read to, he first rocked then walked away. When he was concerned about the puppy, he did it again. When Bow registers displeasure with a state of affairs, the situation usually changes, due to his actions, whether they be walking away, making a request or otherwise getting his companion to change the situation.