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Friday, September 21, 2012

Strange Weather, Strange Thoughts

The weather has been odd lately. Following a drought that killed one of our peach trees, it has been raining recently almost every day, and the grass, which had been dry and wilted, grew green and tall and had to be mowed several times in the past couple of weeks.

At night, sometimes there are thunderstorms. Bow has been waking up in the middle of the night and vocalizing. Once, I asked him why he woke us all at 5:00 am. He told me he had had a bad dream. He was worried.

On days after a bad night, Bow tends to  nap a lot.

Today, he asked to go out to the outer pen after lunch, and there he assumed a motionless position, presumably napping. I took this opportunity to walk Teyman, and during our walk I saw birds of prey circling over our house. This seemed like a bad omen, but as I got closer, I saw they were really hunting for rodents above our pasture.

When I went back in and to the outer pen to check on Bow, he was still kind of dozing. Even after he woke up, he assumed the same position for a long time. When you have been vocalizing and thumping around during the night, you tend to get sleepy and philosophical during the day.


  1. Yes, Teyman is the eldest of our three dogs. She is eleven years old, and not in the best of health. (I think maybe you saw her when you visited?)

    Because Sword got a new puppy, Leo, Teyman cannot be left in the backyard anymore with Brownie. She wants to rip Leo to shreds, though he and Brownie get along fine. This means we have to walk Teyman three times a day. It is good for her health and for mine.

    Bow has been gracious enough to allow this.

    You can see Teyman in an occasional video on my channel, along with the other dogs.