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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Three Gifts: Christmas 2012

Bow got three gifts this year for Christmas.

Bow got to choose the order in which the gifts would be opened. The first gift he chose was in a gold bag.

 He could see what it was, as the bag was not sealed. He said he wanted the gift with the blanket. But it was not a blanket. It was a rug. Of course, what Bow loves best about rugs is unraveling them.

Here is a video of Bow playing with the rug:

The unraveling of the rug took some time, so it was not until much later that the second gift was opened.

The second gift was more fun to open than it was to play with. And the third gift was quite possibly the best gift of all: a fruit basket from Bow's uncle.

You can read more about Bow's enjoyment of his third gift on "The Feast Before Us."


  1. I was amused by Bow taking time to unravel his blanket before opening the next gift. I am sure that was fun for him.

    1. Thanks, Julia. He is actually speeding up the intervals between gifts. It used to sometimes take all day or more than a day before he would look at a second gift, if he was still having fun with the first one.