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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Different Routine

Since Lawrence had missed two Wednesdays in the recent past, and since Theodosia and the Pirates has just come out and I have to prepare for a book signing on April 2, Lawrence and I decided to make up the lost Wednesdays, starting with this Monday.

Bow was happy and surprised to see Lawrence Monday morning, although he displayed at him as usual. But this change in routine got Bow confused later on in the day. If Lawrence was here, he thought, then it must be a Wednesday. So that means that Sword's friend would be coming over after school -- something that only happens on Wednesdays. When Sword came home from school and the friend was not with her, Bow got very upset. Sword's friend always stops by to say hi to Bow and tells him about her day.

"Bow, it's not Wednesday," Lawrence explained. "That girl only comes on Wednesdays. Today is not Wednesday. So she won't come today. But she will come on Wednesday, as usual."

Bow immediately calmed down. But Lawrence wanted to make sure he understood. So he asked: "Did you understand what I said, Bow?"

Bow spelled: "Yes. The girl is not coming today."

After that, everything was fine, and Lawrence and Bow did their usual things.

Yesterday, a Tuesday, was just an ordinary day. Nobody dropped by. But that is okay, because Bow can amuse himself for hours with his rug.

Bow has devised many ingenious games that he plays with his rug. He never runs out of ideas.

And today is Wednesday, so Lawrence will be here again, and Bow has much to look forward to!

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