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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Flowers and the Bees

We live surrounded by nature on all sides, and it is spring, and everything is blooming.

It seems every day that there is some new kind of  flower blooming that wasn't the day before.

The latest to bloom are the peonies.

Under these circumstances, perhaps it is not surprising that there are bees as well. But bees in the fields and the flower beds are one thing, and bees in the pens are something else.

 Yesterday, we were visited by three separate bees in succession who decided to invade the sanctum of the inner pens. I had to remove them by capturing and releasing each in turn.

Here is some footage of the capture of the first bee:

And here is how I released it outside.

Even though Bow and I don't get to go away for holidays anymore, our lives are full of these small adventures. There is always somebody new coming to visit us, even if it is only a snake or a bee. And while we can't always welcome them with open arms, we do try to escort them safely home.

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