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Monday, February 17, 2014

Bow's Birthday Bash

Yesterday, Bow turned twelve. We had a small and exclusive party for him. The only guests were Lawrence and his youngest daughter Lori. Sword was out of town visiting her grandmother, so besides myself, those were the only guests.

Bow knew that it was his birthday and got progressively more excited as he saw me making the preparations. We celebrate his birthday every year, so he knows what to expect when he sees a birthday cake and a balloon and presents.

Bow's uncle sent Bow two boxes of  the finest pears. (Ordinary pears would simply not do!)

Among the presents from me was a helium balloon.

When the guests arrived, Bow was happy and well behaved. He even made it nicely through a weird rendition of the birthday song. Usually I sing the Hebrew song first, then everybody else sings the English song. (They do not have the same melody.) But this time Lawrence and I sang at the same time, even though these were different songs.

Then the dogs announced that there was an intruder on our property. It was just that Australian shepherd from across the road. We had not seen her in all the cold winter months, but in the last couple of days she has made a renewed appearance. Bow gets very upset when someone is trespassing on our land, and we almost had to send Lawrence out to deliver the dog safely back to its owner, but at the last moment, Bow calmed down and let us help him  blow out the candles, and then he had a piece of cake.

The neighbor really does not understand how disruptive having that dog on our property is. She thinks the problem is mine and not Bow's. But it's Bow who will not suffer strangers on our land, and for him a dog counts just as much as a human.

But there was cake to eat and a guest to play with, so Bow made the best of things.

Normally, after eating cake, Bow will open his presents.

But this time he was less interested in the presents than in playing with his birthday guest, Lori.

This video only represents a fraction of the time that Lori and Bow actually spent playing chase and getting to know each other.

After the guests left, Bow decided he wanted to try one of his birthday pears.

He ate the pear with great relish and so speedily that it seemed to disappear right before my eyes.

The pear proved quite satisfactory! And it was gone in the blink of an eye.

There was also the birthday balloon. It was of short duration, but still worth the effort.

Bow enjoyed the balloon while it lasted, but did not mourn its passing.

Bow got many other gifts, including a light up toy from Lori, and a set of paints from Lawrence, as well as a picture of himself and Lawrence together. But for Bow, the things that really count in life are good food and good company. He does not value material objects nearly as much. He enjoyed his time with Lawrence and Lori, the birthday cake and the birthday pear. Life is good!

All in all, it was a fine birthday bash for Bow.


  1. You are very kind to have a birthday "party" for Bow, Aya! So, has Bow reached his full adult size at 12 yrs old, or will he get much bigger?

    1. Hi, Kathy. While Bow is past puberty now, he will still continue to grow all through his teens. Humans and chimpanzees are similar in this way. He is an adolescent and not a little boy anymore, but he is not yet full grown.

  2. Really like the Valentine bloon, and the great thing is all of that stuff is on sale after Valentine's Day. Well it used to be, but when I went to Walmart Saturday night to get my sister some chocolates, I noticed they have been speedy at clearing out the bargain candy and stuff they used to have out.

    1. Hi, Julia. Yes, the birthday balloon was definitely on sale, which is why I did not feel bad that it did not last any longer than it did.