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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Time Goes By

Yesterday, I spotted the first open peach blossom in my orchard.

This does not necessarily mean that there will be peaches. We will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, we got a postcard in the mail from one of the local churches inviting us to attend their Easter service.

Bow was intrigued by the illustration on the front of the card.

He pointed to the most salient part of the illustration, the little boy horrified at the prospect of attending a long church service.

At our house, we have only ever had the fun part of the Easter holiday, namely the Easter egg hunt.

But Bow is thirteen now, and I am beginning to suspect this is too old for a hunt, especially in the limited confines of the outer pen.

Thinking about this. I dragged out an old album to look at pictures of past Easter egg hunts in the great outdoors. Bow got very excited when he saw me bring in the scrapbook, and he insisted he wanted to look at the pictures, too.

He flipped through the pages very carefully.

He did not concentrate solely on the Easter photos, but went over the entire scrapbook several times.

He looked at photos of himself and Sword when they were younger. But he also paused and examined pictures of other people, some of whom he has not seen in a long time. And, of course, there was the Easter egg hunt. "Bow are you done?" I asked him, but he kept on flipping.

I know better than to try to snatch something away from Bow when he is not done with it, so when it was clear that he wanted to leaf through the scrapbook much longer than I had the patience for, having seen all the photos several times already, I left him alone on his side of the pen, while I went to work on the computer. When Bow was done, and this took about fifteen minutes, he clapped his hands together, as if in applause, and I went back in to get the album.

We can't relive an old memory by reenacting it. But sometimes it's nice to look at old photos and remember the good times.

 Time goes by, but the memories remain.


  1. My niece and nephew usually just had the fun part of Easter, too. We did not really attend services.

    1. Hi, Julia. I bet you had fun getting the festivities organized for your niece and nephew when they were little.