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Saturday, July 25, 2015


If I had to choose a single quality to describe Bow, I would say that he is flexible.

Bow is an easy-going fellow, slow to anger and with a knack for forgiving others and an uncanny ability to ask for forgiveness in return and to get it, too. I have seen Bow get angry, but I have seen him apologize just as easily. His apologies are real -- at the moment of apology, he means it. And he is great at bringing about reconciliations, which is something most of the humans I know are not too good at. He does not hold a grudge.

Bow's lips are malleable, being able to take on almost any shape.

He can practically turn them inside out.

Just when you think they will never go back to normal, he returns to his usual careless grin.

Even his muscular strength is imbued with an amazing flexibility. Have you ever seen someone bounce up and down on a concrete floor with such ease?

Bow can go from a gentle, relaxed leisure time to an energized display to an after-exercise reverie in a matter of four minutes flat. It's great exercise, it's aerobic, and it also allows him to blow off any steam he needs to without endangering himself or others.

Yes, Bow is strong. He certainly is also very agile. But the quality that amazes me the most is his flexibility. He is beyond limber. He is like rubber! And that's a great survival trait, I think.


  1. I always enjoy your videos of Bow. It's fun to watch his displays. It was quite funny when he seemed like he wanted to get a response from Brownie and acted so aggressive!
    I took martial arts classes for over 5 years. The last year I took a class, they started teaching us how to fall safely. It was a great learning experience, especially living in Wisconsin, where falling was pretty common on the ice up there - lots of broken wrists, and fractured elbows and tailbones! It was a difficult thing to do, because of the human body's tendency to 'tighten up' and anticipate the pain. So, yes, I think Bow's tendency to be like rubber IS a great survival trait - I wish I had that trait too, since I'm so afraid of falling on ice!

    1. It's very hard to get a rise out of Brownie, but Leo is easily excitable. The display was actually in response to something Leo did very early in the video, but Bow had to take a long time to work up to that!

      If I had to choose one quality to have, I would choose flexibility over strength or agility, but it is good to have all three!

  2. I think we would all be better off if we accepted people for who they are, like the way people accept Bow for who he is. People would not expect Bow to go to a dinner party, yet I know some people who get mad at other humans because they do not want to socially conform to certain situations. I wish I could jump up and down on concrete like Bow as well. I put my foot down accidentally when biking the other day, and that did not feel good.

    1. Hi, Julia, I agree, I think it would be wonderful if we could accept all people for who and what they are, no more, no less. But I think that part of the reason this is hard to do is that we don't usually know exactly who or what anybody really is. Even after years of interacting with someone, we often don't know them And it is hard to accept what we do not know.

      Yes, it would be great do be as flexible as Bow. We would all get hurt a lot less often. I hope your foot is okay now.