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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Two Deer Grazing in the Front Yard

Bow used to tell me things like "There are five brown cows across the street." He was communicative like that. But now that he is a teen, when I spot wildlife in the front yard before dinner, it makes him impatient.

Yesterday, just before dinner, I spotted two deer in the front yard. They looked like a mother and child, and they were grazing placidly.

I filmed them through the window of the front door, so the quality of the video is not that good, but I knew that if I went out, they would probably just run away. Bow could see them, too, because when he stands at the front of the pens he has a clear view of the proceedings outside. He stood and watched for a while, then he started making raspberry sounds, which prompted me to open the front door and go outside, but, as expected, the deer completely disappeared once I did that.

However, I did see what may have been a third deer further away jumping into the pasture to join them. This is a family of deer that I sometimes see with my headlights reflected in their eyes when I come home at night for a drive into town.

Bow did not say anything about the deer. He just wanted me to hurry up and get dinner ready.


  1. I spotted a deer many years ago out when I was running. I thnk it is pretty cool you got to see wildlife from your own window. People pay good money to go on vacations to see this kind o stuff, but you live in a place where you can see it every day.

    1. Thanks, Julia, I do realize how lucky I am to be able to see the deer, although it doesn't really happen every day. It's just every once in a while.