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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Braving the Snow

It has been a very mild winter so far. But yesterday and today school has been canceled due to snow. It is a very small amount of snow, mind you. Just a very thin coating on the ground. Nevertheless, yesterday morning Bow was cautious and decided to stay in.

He helped me to continue proofing the new book,

After lunch, I took a very short walk to the mailbox to pick up the mail.

When I returned, Bow told me that he wanted to go outside. I was quite surprised, but I complied with his request.

Bow was not going to get his feet wet, snow or no snow. So he had me temporarily hold the door shut, and then he gingerly climbed from the dry stoop to the bench, without touching the floor of the outer pen. But that does not mean he does not like snow. He sampled the snow accumulated on top of the crossbeam support, and he found it was good.

Brownie just grumbled a little and walked away, but Leo started barking, hoping Bow would play chase. But Bow would not be goaded this time. He stayed calm. No way was he getting his feet wet! He was staying put on the bench.

Leo could bark all he wanted, but there was no response from Bow.

Of course, Bow did not stay there long. He came in to warm up in short order. This morning, after breakfast, Bow asked to go out again. But when he felt how cold it was, he did not venture out. He came back and asked for his blanket, instead. It's not a bad life.


  1. I know we need more rain and snow here, but I dread it because that means it will be cold again.

    1. Well, let's hope that if you get rain, it is not too cold.