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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Eggs Start to Hatch

Bow and I have been preoccupied by two things in the past week: robins' nests and Austin Petersen's campaign for the Libertarian nomination.

Bow watches a Livestream talk by Austin Petersen
The weather was nice for a while, though it has been raining more lately. Still Bow has been able to go out almost every day.

We even filmed an endorsement video together out of doors. You can see Brownie digging under the shedding dogwood tree at the beginning of the video.

Leo and Brownie by the shedding dogwood
The significance of that view of Brownie right at the start of the video is this: before I heard Austin Petersen speak, I was supporting Brownie for president. None of the other candidates I had heard of were people I would ever vote for.

I think Brownie will not mind that I found someone else I'd rather have for president. He is pretty happy as things stand.

 But meanwhile, the eggs in the nest by the fence have started to hatch. First there was just one little helpless hatchling in the nest, surrounded by two blue eggs.

 That was yesterday, in the morning. But by afternoon there were two of them.

Today, there are still only two hatched. But notice how they have moved in reference to the one blue egg.

Their eyes are so huge and stuck shut. But this afternoon, one of them raised its head and opened its mouth, as if asking for a donation.

 Meanwhile, in the nest by my door, there are still four blue eggs, all of them intact. I am beginning to worry about them. We must not count our robins before they hatch.


  1. Have you thought about asking someone on the Petersen campaign to read your book.

    1. I would love for Austin Petersen to read all my books, Julia, but I don't think that is very realistic at the moment. He is extremely busy with a whirlwind campaign -- yesterday he was in New York, even though he is from my state -- Missouri. I tried to invite him to speak before a local group of freedom-minded people, and at first I thought that would be easy, because after all, we are close to where he is headquartered. But now I realize it is best not to bother him with any of this until after he gets the Libertarian Party nomination. And all his closest helpers are also very busy with that.