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Friday, May 6, 2016

Pickle Ice

Bow has a very good friend that he sees once a week. She comes and brings him his bananas. And sometimes she brings him magazines to read, too. It's from her that he receives those issues of the Missouri Conservationist. Yesterday, she brought Bow a very special treat: Pickle Ice.

Bow trying to figure out how to eat Pickle Ice
Now, I had never seen Pickle Ice before, and neither had Bow. But he was very curious. At dinner, he asked for the Pickle Ice first. But he didn't call it Pickle Ice. He called it מתנה. "Present". Because Bow knew that the Pickle Ice was a special gift from his friend.

Eating Pickle Ice is not easy. It is a tube of frozen pickle juice that you are supposed to squeeze to get it to slide little by little into your mouth. But if the tube isn't quite frozen enough, this can pose difficulties.

I helped Bow get the hang of squeezing the tube, and for a while that worked pretty well. He liked the salty pickle juice. But then he took the task over himself, and some of it spilled on the floor.

Unperturbed, he managed to eat some of the more frozen chunks. Then left me to clean the rest up. But all in all, Bow really enjoyed his Pickle Ice!

It has been a very nice spring so far. I was so intent on filming the baby birds that I almost did not notice the flowers opening in the rose bush that held their nest. These are wild roses, and if I had not allowed them to grow here, I would probably have never gotten to see baby robins hatch.

By the lagoon, the peonies are blossoming.

It is the accidental grass fire that killed the poison ivy that was strangling them that allowed the peonies to do so well this year.

Donald Trump seems to be like that grass fire -- destroying the GOP so that liberty can flower again from the scorched earth. Yesterday Cruz supporters left the shattered Republican Party in droves, and they are coming into the Libertarian Party to rally behind Austin Petersen, When Bernie Sanders does not win the Democrat nomination, his supporters will do the same. And so something that seemed impossible might yet happen. Austin Petersen could take over the government and make it leave us all alone to do what we want to do.

Bow and I are feeling hopeful. It's the small things that make life so wonderful, like good friends and Pickle Ice.

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