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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rain, Blossoms, Kiwifruit and Persimmons

Today it was dark and gloomy in the pens, because it rained almost all day long, but the monotony of the droning patter of falling rain was broken by the look and feel and color and flavor of unusual fruit.

Bow slept almost all morning, because what else can you do when the world is so dark and wet outside?

It was quite warm out when I went for my walk in the afternoon, but the petals of the latest blossoms on the cherry tree had been stained pink by the bruising they received in the rain,

By the path in the pasture, there were two persimmons so ripe that they had fallen to ground by one of the taller trees.

The smallest and most bountiful persimmon tree had more of its fruit ripe for the picking.

Dripping with rain, the persimmons looked very appetizing.

I picked the ripe ones and brought them home to Bow, so soft to the touch they were almost falling apart.

Bow ate the pulp and gently spit out the seeds into my hand. There were a lot of seeds!

For dessert with dinner tonight, I served Bow one of the four kiwifruit that his friend who brings the bananas gave him last week. They were not ripe then, but they are starting to ripen now.

Bow had never had kiwifruit before, so when he requested it, he called it "something else."

The kiwifruit was so good, Bow almost forgot to use the spoon I provided, but he was very polite and handed me the empty plate and spoon when he was done.

It can be very dark in the pens when the sun is not shining, but life is never dull when there is new and interesting fruit to eat.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Charla! He really did like that kiwifruit!

  2. I would be interested to try persimmons off a tree.

    1. If you can come visit us sometime in October, then you can try persimmons off our trees. I do not know if they are also growing in the wild where you are.