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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Bow Warms Up to his Christmas Blanket

Bow is a teenager now. He is fourteen going on fifteen. Even though he knows all about our Christmas traditions and looks forward to having the tree up each year with Christmas carols playing, and even though he understands all about gifts,  he just doesn't get that excited about the whole thing, anymore.

It is no secret that Bow gets a new blanket as a Christmas present each year. He has become a bit blasé about all this.

That's why the moment he knew what it was, he stopped working at opening the present.

Bow rested for a while from unwrapping then started at it again, and even when the blanket was completely unwrapped, he spent some time ignoring it, with his back to the Christmas present

Eventually, Bow warmed up to his new blanket. 

Soon he had wrapped himself in the blanket and was walking all around the pen dressed that way.

I put all these clips together for your amusement in this musical number,

Merry Christmas!

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