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Friday, January 20, 2017

Bow's Reaction to the Inauguration and Chickens Crossing Our Border

Today was the inauguration. Bow and I saw a little bit of it, via The Libertarian Republic.

At first, Bow sat quietly and watched.

Then he felt a big display coming on.

Notice that no matter how violently he felt the need to express himself, he stopped well short of harming the computer. Bow has strong opinions and desires, but also a remarkable self-restraint. He knows how not to cross the line.

And speaking of crossing lines, yesterday I spotted some trespassers in my front yard. Three hens and a rooster, free range chickens, from across the fence had infiltrated into my orchard. But as I drew closer, they hurried away.

They crossed back into their own territory going single file through a thicket by the fence. They seemed to know they had no right to be here, and once detected, they went home willingly.

Should I try to build a wall to keep stray chickens out? No, I think we are doing fine just as things are.


  1. Great video of Bow during the inaugural speech! Did he not like what Trump was saying?

    1. Hi, Kathy. Bow did not tell me exactly what he thought of the speech, but for whatever reason, he seemed to feel that a display of his own power was in order.