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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bow Gives a Facial

"You keep wandering out in the wilderness!" my daughter said to me. And somebody else corrected her to say that we hardly live out in the wilderness, since all we have is a ten acre hobby farm. Well, compared to the big city where Sword will be going to college in the fall, this is the wilderness. What's more, compared to the fields on either side of my property, this is also more of a wilderness. I neither plow nor sow, and wild things grow here.

For Bow, this means a very peaceful atmosphere when he goes outside.

When we get the moat dug for Bow's island, then he too will get to come face to face with some of the wildlife here. Like the armadillo I saw just before I went to my daughter's freshman orientation in the big city.

Armadillos are so easy to sneak up on.

Rabbits, on the other hand, are not easy to surprise.

But sometimes they act as if they were statues in the hopes that we will just pass them by, as this rabbit did soon after I came back from the big city.

When I got back, I was disappointed to see that all the purple milkweed flowers were gone. Even the one in the field, surrounded by poison ivy, no longer sported any flowers. No more milkweed, I thought. But then I spotted a splash of orange!

The butterfly milkweed had suddenly bloomed, attracting small sweat bees.

Being away for a couple of days, while Lawrence stayed with Bow, gave me a chance to appreciate anew how lucky I am to live here.

The big city is exciting, but also frustrating. Here everything is calm and quiet.

And also, Bow gives excellent facials!


  1. The older I get I yearn for calm. That is why I enjoy going to the mountains when I can.

    1. The mountains must be very peaceful. I love seeing your photos and paintings of them.