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Monday, October 2, 2017

Where are my Glasses?

It's been a strange weekend. On Saturday night, as I was driving to Licking to check my mail and get groceries, a deer bounded out in front of me on the road. It happened so fast that there was no time to hit the brake or swerve. It was almost as if the deer were on a suicide mission. Luckily, I had not yet speeded up to the full fifty-five miles per hour allowed on that road, and so the damage to my car was minimal. I was able to get to Licking, pick up my mail and drive to the grocery store. It was only when I was putting my groceries away that I noticed I had lost a lot of fluid under the engine, and the car was very overheated, so much so that at first it would not start. I managed to drive it to the mechanic's shop, and I got a ride home with my groceries and mail. So what could have been a big disaster was really minor.

I spent Sunday feeling a little more contemplative than usual.

In addition to the usual pictures of flowers, I started to take a series of selfies.  I wondered what would have happened if I had not made it safely home the previous night, and who would have taken care of my animals. I guess you might say I was really grateful to be alive.

I was also thinking about  what I needed to say about my proposal to change Libertarian Bylaws, and about the odd ways in which my motives for doing so had been questioned. So as I was thinking about how to reply, I also thought that series of self-portraits might be a good way to help represent who I am to those who clearly misunderstand my motives.

And even though I have taken plenty of selfies with my glasses on, I decided to leave my glasses off this time.

I put the glasses down on one of the support beams of the outer pen and proceeded to shoot some pictures of me on the swing. The fact that I had just discovered the timer on my iPhone camera also helped. Bow watched the proceedings sardonically from the sidelines. He knew he was not the star of this photo shoot, and he did not seem to mind.

I went back inside to work on the computer, and it took me a while to realize that I had left my glasses in the outer pen. But when I went out there to get them, they were not on the support beam, where I had left them.

"Where are my glasses?" I said out loud, to no one in particular. Then I looked at Bow. Silently, he handed them to me. 

They were perfectly intact. Whatever he did with them while I was not there, it did not damage the glasses in any way. That's something else to be grateful for.


  1. Yes you were very fortunate indeed with the deer and your glasses. I'm glad you were not hurt.

    1. Thanks, Charla. I have a lot to be grateful for.

  2. I liked the selfie you took with Bow on the swing. I am glad you did not get injured, and the car was not totally in the encounter with the deer.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I like that photo, too. Yes, I was very lucky that I was not hurt at all in the incident with the deer, and that my car could be fixed. I recently heard that a neighbor of a neighbor had a collision with a bear on the road leading west from our village. Imagine that: a bear! I saw a photo of the hood of his car, and it was totally crumpled. But the bear walked away from the incident.

  3. Oh yikes, Aya! I'm so glad you're ok! Near catastrophes like that can make us very contemplative. What was damaged? Did you take it to Lewis & Sons? That's wonderful the shop gave you a ride home. You can call me if you ever need help like that. ;-)
    I was driving home from my Mom's house (Louisiana) on Tuesday night and there were 2 wrecks involving deer between here and Bald Knob in Arkansas. I saw 3 more beside the road myself and called Bob to tell him it was a little scary driving in the dark with all the deer moving.
    I like the picture of Bow with your glasses. It shows he has a lot of respect for your things and that's a wonderful trait to have.

    1. Hi, Kathy. Thanks for offering, but I was really glad to just get that ride from Rinne's. That's where I always service my car. The radiator and the air conditioning condenser had to be replaced. What I did not replace was the metallic-looking grill that goes right in front of the radiator. It turned out that thing was made out of plastic, did not protect the radiator, and would cost a fortune to replace. It was purely cosmetic.

      Did you hear that someone in my area ran into a bear on the road to Houston?

      Bow is amazingly gentle with my things. When he wants me to stop filming in the outer pen, he goes and picks up my iPhone and hands it to me.

  4. No, I hadn't heard about the bear accident! Wow! I guess I need to be careful when I take Nikki out late at night!