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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bow's Christmas Day 2017

Bow got two gifts on Christmas day: a new blanket and candy bracelets in festive red and green.

Half the fun in getting presents is unwrapping them.

Bow delighted in tearing away the paper to reveal the gift inside.

The blanket is an oversized plush with two foxes peering out at Bow.

The second present had Bow crying out in joy as he struggled to open it.

Imagine, candy you can wear! But not for long.

Bow had a wonderful Christmas. This morning, the candy bracelets are no more, and Bow is napping, entirely surrounded by the new blanket.

It's a new day, and the sun is rising.


  1. I love your sunrise, very beautiful through the silhouette of the barren trees. I think I like Bow's blanket the most. I did not really post about anything I got because it was just body wash, leggings, and some chocolate. It was not really anything anyone might find that interesting. Not cool like Bow's blanket with the foxes.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I just happened to notice the sunrise this morning. I love Bow's blanket, too, though I did get some nice stuff as well for Christmas. In fact, I gt a smaller blanket with a red and white winter motif from Sword that I really like.

  2. I think you should make In Case There's A Fox blanket on Zazzle.

    1. I wish I could make blankets on Merch. Zazzle never really worked for me. But it's a good idea.