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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bow's Singing

Bow claims that he can sing.  He says he can sing better than me and Sword. Is he merely boasting? There are times when it seems as if he is trying to match pitch, like at his birthday party, when he wanted to sing along with the birthday song. I once thought I heard him sing a few notes of  "The Pomegranate Tree", an Israeli song that I sing him every night before he goes to bed. However, there is no recording to back me up on this, it just happened once, and maybe it was wishful thinking. If he does sing, he must do it when no one is listening. Or it could be another of his lies.

Sword was thinking about maybe taking voice lessons, but she decided not to. Bow told Lawrence this morning that he thought Sword should sing. Lawrence asked him why. Bow spelled: "To make people listen to her."

When Bow told me at lunch that Sword should sing, I said: "She doesn't want to. Maybe you should sing, instead."

"Yes," he spelled.


  1. I would be interested to know what Bow would think of this movie:

    It is a very inspiring movie about children who want to sing and all the problems they must overcome to be able to sing and produce a musical- to make people listen to them. It is very uplifting and enjoyable.

    I think he might like it very much - and so might you! I did! :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Suzanne! We'll take a look. We both like musicals. Bow's favorite musical is "The King and I" -- on account of the many wives!

  3. Well, that makes sense! :) I like it because of Yul Brynner's barefoot polka dancing and those frilly little bed-jackets he wears! ;D

  4. Barefoot polka dancing is always fun to watch!