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Monday, May 10, 2010

Questions Bow thinks I should Ask

Because Sword had friends over Sunday morning, it wasn't until the afternoon, when her friends had left, that she busied herself with last minute Mother's Day preparations. In the late afternoon, she popped her head into the pen area to ask where the wrapping paper was.

Eventually she presented me with a beautiful gift, fully wrapped, and a card of her own making, which included the following observation: "You're way cooler than a dad!"

I got the gift and the card in the evening, after Bow had gone to bed, but he was not unaware of Sword's preparations during the day.

At one point, he took my hand, led me to the glass and spelled: "Mommy is not trying to ask why..."

I expected him to finish that thought, but he let go of my hand and moved away from the glass. He often does this, and it's hard to get him to finish what he starts. He likes to play coy. He wants people to read his mind.

"Ask why what?" I asked. "Is there something I'm supposed to ask? Do you want to tell me what it is, so I can ask it?"

Bow reluctantly took my hand again and spelled: "Why Bow is not trying to remember the holiday."

I looked at him. By "holiday", he obviously meant Mother's Day. "Okay, Bow, I'll ask. Why are you not trying to remember the holiday?"

He spelled: "Lady is just trying to get present."

I laughed. "You mean Mommy is just trying to get people to give her presents on Mother's Day?"

"Yes," he spelled.

Obviously, Bow objects to the commercialism of the entire Mother's Day scenario.


  1. I don't care about Mother's day either. Bow, I am with you.!!

  2. I'll let Bow know that there is plenty of support for his position on this issue!