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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Because I'm a Chimp"

Lawrence came back to see Bow yesterday, after an absence of a week. Bow was glad to see him, and even said he had missed him.

They played together outside, and around three thirty Bow asked to have an apple for a snack. Lawrence brought in two apples, one big and green, and one small and red. Bow asked for the red one.

Lawrence wanted to make sure that Bow really wanted the smaller apple. "Do you want the big apple or the small one?" he asked.

Bow took his hand and spelled: "The small one."

Lawrence went and  got it, but before he gave it to Bow, he asked: "Bow, why do you need my hand? Why can't you spell without my hand?"

Bow took his hand and spelled: "Because I'm a chimp."

Lawrence laughed and gave him the apple.

This is not the first time Bow has made that excuse, but it was the first time he'd said that to Lawrence.

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