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Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Spring Internship Available

Today, Sword had a gymnastics meet, and she got to ride to the event with a friend. This means that even though it is a Saturday, Bow and I are all alone. Around eleven or so this morning, a vehicle drove up onto our property, and Bow, who had been napping on his blanket,  got up and stood to attention on his tippy-toes to see who it was.

It was Mark, the Schwan's delivery guy. We weren't expecting him at all. He comes every other Thursday. Today is not a Thursday.

"Didn't I tell you last time that I would come on a Saturday this week? Do you remember?"

"I don't remember that," I said.

He shook his head. "Nobody remembers. It's on account of Thanksgiving." Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, and it would be odd to receive a frozen food delivery on that day.

Mark usually comes right in so he can talk to Bow, but he had the feeling that we wouldn't remember, and we would be frightened by an unexpected person just walking in, so he stood at the door. "Come on in," I said. "Come talk to Bow."

"Hi, there, buddy, were you surprised to see me?" Mark asked Bow, and Bow vocalized excitedly back.

So, we are now set with frozen food for after Thanksgiving, as well as having everything we need for the holiday.

Another thing I did today was post another ad for an intern on Primate Jobs. It's unusual to get applicants for a Spring Internship, but you never know until you try!

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