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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life Imitates Art: Bow and Lancelot

Bow is an adolescent male. Not everything he is thinking about is something we are allowed to discuss freely under the Google TOS. Not everything he spells out is fit to print. People sometimes get the impression that Bow is too precious to be real. Believe me, he is not. There's just only so much that I can share. If you are raising an adolescent boy, you probably know what I mean.

All that aside, he can be verbal about things that people assume cannot be articulated. Yesterday, for instance, I was trying to get into the mood to write some more in a swashbuckling type of story that I am working on. I went through my  favorites on  YouTube looking for a song that might express the feelings of my hero. I came across Franco Nero performing "C'est Moi" in Camelot. I put the song on and listened and I was about ready to start writing when Bow started making some sounds of displeasure on his side of the glass.

"What is it?" I asked, going in to check on him.

He took my hand and spelled in Hebrew:       תני לי להרוג אותו
That being translated means: "Let me kill him."

I figured he must mean Lancelot, as there was nobody else he could be referring to. "But why?"

Bow spelled: הוא לא כל כך חזק
"He's not that strong."

Apparently Bow's pride was offended by Lancelot's boast. I couldn't let Bow kill him, but I decided to risk the laptop and let Bow watch the performance close up. Bow responded by displaying his own prowess, but I had to cut out most of that, because it would be "inappropriate." However, I think that you can see by  watching what remains of this video clip that Bow was interested in what Lance had to say, and that he had appropriate gestures and responses in various spots.

Boys will be boys. Displaying, boasting and preening are part of the male repertoire. Someday, perhaps, we will all live in a society that allows us to admit this without losing face or getting in trouble.

In the meanwhile, look at Bow's face at the end of the video. Look at that quiet, knowing smile.  I think he understands the satire.


  1. There is a purpose for Google TOS, but sometimes I find it too rigid. Interesting to see more of Bow's day. I also look forward to hearing more about this new book you are working on.

    1. Thanks, Julia. Bow has his moments. You will probably hear a lot more about the book soon.