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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Stranger Outside May be a Cow

This morning there was a commotion among the dogs, and Bow got up on his highest perch that allows him to see best what is going on in the front yard. He seemed concerned that there might be a stranger on our property.

Bow does not like to have strangers anywhere nearby, and it even bothers him if there are people just outside the property line whom he sees as a possible threat to our territorial integrity.

I told Bow I would go out and see what it was. Here is what I saw.

There were cows in the neighboring field, and they were a little closer to our property line than they usually get. That's all.

Fortunately, when I went back in, I was able to show Bow the footage I had shot, and he was satisfied that the cows posed no real threat to our security. All is right with the world!


  1. I miss seeing cows in person. When I was young a lot of cattle owners used to have their cows graze on the backside of the mountain, and you could literally see little herds of cows when you when hiking. They were always unexpected, and usually preferred to keep to themselves. Supposedly my dad decided to take a nap during one of his hikes, and a group of cows came up and were staring at him. I really love the view of the cows in the pasture, and it looks very serene. Does it usually snow there by this time of year?

    1. Julia, I like seeing the cows, too. it is a peaceful sight.

      It tends to snow here only once or twice a year. Sometimes it can happen as early as November, but usually it's a month or two later.

      The last few years have been relatively warm, though, so there has not been as much snow as there was eleven years ago when we moved here.