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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bow Turns Eleven

Yesterday was Bow's eleventh birthday! The day started normally, with grapes for breakfast, followed by cereal.

 Although we didn't throw a party, there was cake and balloons and presents. As usual, Bow got very excited when I started singing the birthday song. The dogs also wanted to join in. We could hear Brownie howling outside, as if he, too, wanted to sing the birthday song to Bow. In the end, Bow was vocalizing to the dogs in response to their birthday greetings.

The cake was a cheesecake sampler. Each piece was a little different, but they were all cheesecake at their base. Bow chose the "brown" piece -- which had chocolate and nuts on top.

If you would like to see footage of Bow eating his cake, please read today's post in "The Feast Before Us".
There wasn't just cake, though. There were also balloons.

Bow received a basket full of goodies from his uncle for his birthday. It arrived by Federal Express the day before, and it was labeled "Open At Once: Perishable". The box was addressed to "Bow Katz".

Bow wanted to open the basket of goodies when it first arrived, but I told him it was a birthday present from his uncle, and he had to wait till his birthday. Bow spelled: לקשת יש דוד טוב. "Bow has a good uncle."

Here are some pictures of Bow enjoying a luscious pear from his fruit basket on his birthday.

If you would like to see some footage of Bow eating the pear, please check today's entry on "The Feast Before Us."

I also gave Bow a couple of other presents more suitable for a literary chimpanzee -- a giant pencil and a small notepad, but to be honest with you, he was not impressed.

I don't feel too bad about that. Parents are always trying to give kids educational toys that the children just ignore. It's normal!

All in all, Bow had a pretty exciting and happy birthday.

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