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Thursday, February 14, 2013

What We Do On Our Day Off

Wednesdays are my day off. Of course, I still start out the day the same way. Breakfast with Bow and watching my daughter board the bus. It's only a little later that the routine is different, when Lawrence comes in around eight a.m.

Yesterday, there was a little snow on the ground as my daughter waited for the bus, and I watched from a distance. It was unusually noisy, because a neighbor across the road was feeding his cattle. After the bus came and my daughter boarded, a truck carrying a giant hay bail drove off in the opposite direction.

The snow did not last long. By the time I took off to run my usual Wednesday morning errands, it had already melted, and by afternoon it was quite sunny, though still a little on the cool side.

Wednesday isn't just my day off. It is also Bow's -- he gets a nice break from my constant companionship when Lawrence arrives. Bow looks forward to this change in the routine. Before Lawrence gets here, Bow is already waiting for him. And yet when Lawrence arrives, you would think Bow was greeting an invading army. (The footage below is from last Wednesday, but Bow's display does not vary much from week to week.)

In addition to my usual routine errands of picking up mail at the post office and buying groceries, I also got a chance to visit Jill Dabney yesterday, and she gave me a tour of her farm and introduced me to some of the animals.

Highlights of my visit included Jasmine, pictured above, who is expected to have babies very soon, and Trixie, the Jersey cow who has a young calf.

Jill Dabney is an excellent musician and voice and piano teacher. That's the side of her that I usually see, as she is my daughter's music teacher. She is also helping me with The Debt Collector song demos. But yesterday I got to see a different side of Jill. She has a way with animals, and everyone on her farm is happy and well cared for.

Later in the afternoon, I came back to Jill's house to bring my daughter and her friend for their weekly voice lesson. Jasmine, the sow I had met earlier in the day, was wandering free outside. She came up to me and greeted me as I was getting out of my car. Then she wandered into the woods, pursuing her own interests.

I had a very nice day off. And Lawrence and Bow also had a great time together. It's good to vary our routine from time to time.


  1. Jasmine is quite a beautiful little cow.

    1. Thanks, Julia. Actually Trixie is the cow, and Jasmine is a sow (female pig). But they are both beautiful, I think!