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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bow Goes on Vacation

Lately there has been a lot of local activity to market Theodosia and the Pirates.   I gave a talk at the Texas County Museum of Art and History , and Sword and her friend were able to attend, but Bow had to stay home with Lawrence. Later, I showed Bow a video of my talk, so he did not really miss out on the content of the event, but it's not the same as being there. For one thing, he missed out on the soup social. He would have liked the food there. For another, he missed the company of  other people. But in a way, it's good that Bow could not go, because when I showed him the Q & A session, he started displaying at all those strangers who were talking to me. And yet, Bow seemed to wish he could go.

Yesterday, which was a Wednesday, Lawrence came in later in the day, because he put in a long day on Tuesday on account of my talk. In the morning, before Lawrence came, I had this exchange with Bow:

BOW:  תני לי שבת
          "Give me Saturday." (Sabbath.)
AYA: ?שבת

BOW: לא לעבוד
           "Not to work."

AYA: ?איזה מין עבודה אתה עושה
           "What kind of work do you do?" (A little sarcastic.)

At this point in the conversation, Bow lifted a tuft of his shed hair from the floor and gave it to me, as if showing what a big help he is in cleaning up around here.

AYA:  ?אתה נותן לי לכלוך
           "You're giving me some dirt?"

BOW: תני לי חופש
           "Give me a vacation."

AYA: ?איזה מין חופש
           "What kind of vacation?"

BOW: בחוץ

AYA: ?אתה רוצה לצאת
           "You want to go out?"

BOW: תני לי לצאת
           "Let me go out."

I let him go out, but that was yesterday morning, and it was still quite cold, and so he did not stay out long. It wasn't much of a vacation.

 But today, when Bow went out and began to sunbathe, I could see why it might seem a lot like going on vacation after months of being cooped up indoors.

A little sunbathing and a little rest and recreation and it begins to feel like a real vacation!


  1. Glad Bow got to enjoy some sun. I like the sun too, but I realized as I get older, I need to watch out for how easily I tan. I worry about this, but I still like the sun and walking.

    1. I think we all enjoy a little sun, and probably if we follow our natural instincts about it, we will be fine. Bow's ancestors came from Africa, so I think he is unlikely to be hurt by a normal amount of exposure to the sunlight. I think things can get out of hand when people who come from Scandinavia try for a dark tan, because they were not made for that, and it can lead to skin damage and even cancer. But the way everyone recently has been cautioned to avoid the sunlight is actually causing vitamin D deficits in people of medium complexions or darker. We are not all the same. One size does not fit all. I wish the medical community would stop issuing warnings to everybody that only apply to some.

    2. I do not avoid sun at all, and I think since I am party Native American and mostly Middle Eastern descent, I am probably okay. I just wish people would stop freaking me out about it, but I think what you say is more accurate.