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Monday, July 1, 2013

Talking to the Crows

This morning, it was still very cool. For the beginning of July, it was unseasonably pleasant. This is turning out to be a much milder summer than the previous one. Bow and I were hanging out in the pens when we heard a lot of noise coming from the woods nearby. It sounded like crows. Lots and lots of crows.

I decided to take the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about among the crows.

The crows' cawing had subsided a bit by the time I got near the woods behind our house, but they soon took it up again. However, I still could not see them, nor could I tell what they were cawing about. However, shortly after, Bow began vocalizing in reply to the crows.

I decided I had better head back and rejoin Bow, but when I was on my way into the pens, the dogs started howling. It was a kind of reply to Bow's vocalization which had been a reply to the crows.

By the time I got back to the outer pen, the dogs had stopped their howling. Bow relaxed when he saw me back, so he began to swing.

 The crows outside still cawed, but it did not matter, anymore. Bow and I were making faces at each other, and all was right with the world.


  1. I enjoyed listening to the crows. There is an orange field that was cut down across the street from where I live, and the crows seem to spend more time there now. One day I spotted a baby crow hopping across the street behind its mother. I have even seen a group of ducks try to waddle across the busy highway. We live in a city, but because we have so many wide open spaces here, we see quite a few animals and birds.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I think you were very lucky to see the baby crow and its mother. Because we have so much woodland and overgrown pasture, I seldom see clearly all the birds and other animals that I can sometimes hear. Living in the city seems to bring everyone out into the open, public spaces.

      We also seldom see any humans unless we go into town, even though we do have neighbors.

  2. Our city is different though because we are next to vast spaces of open fields and mountains. I do not think you would see this many wild animals in other California cities. We still have undeveloped areas adjacent to our city. This is not the case in LA.

  3. It sounds like a very well situated city with much to offer.