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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dabbling in Paint

The weather has continued to be odd. I was awakened early this morning by thunder and rain sounds, and Bow was a little upset before breakfast. To cheer us up, I decided to bring in some painting supplies as a morning activity.

Bow looked on with interest, as I prepared the art supplies.

After he had eaten, Bow spelled: אני רוצה לציר "I want to draw." But what he really wanted to do was get his hands on the art supplies and test them out in many unorthodox ways. He got paint on his nose, paint in his mouth and paint on his hand, as well as some paint on the canvas.

Bow knows what the supplies are for. It's just that he won't limit himself to painting. He wants to smell, taste and experience the supplies in many other ways. However, each time I chided him for putting the brush in his mouth, he went back to painting on the canvas.

He was also just plain fascinated by the many different kinds of brushes I supplied...

... and by the old can of olives that they came in.

In the end, this is the painting Bow produced. Is it representational? I think not.

Next time I think I will limit him to one color and one paint brush. Maybe without so many choices Bow will concentrate on the task at hand. But it was a good way to keep ourselves entertained, when going outside was not an option.


  1. Where did you get the can of green olives, Aya? That looks really good. I like reusing containers like that, too. I am glad that Bow enjoyed painting, even if he explores this medium in non traditional ways. His painting looks a bit like a bird.

    1. My mother occasionally brings me olives from Israel, Julia. The cracked oriental ones are my favorite. I don't remember if she brought this particular can all the way from one of her trips to Israel, or she bought it locally where she now lives. I saved the can, because it is a nice reminder, but also useful for art implements.

      I don't mind that Bow's art is non-traditional. I just don't think it's good for him to swallow acrylic paint. But he did enjoy the whole process, and he asked to do it again. So, I will try to find better ways to arrange things.

    2. Swallowing paint, not good. I agree.