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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Too Cold Out to Play

Today is the first truly cold day of the season. Even the woolly worms have all disappeared. It's too cold to play out. But Bow insisted on going out, anyway.

He sat there for a moment under the swing, shivering, and then he asked to go right back in. Once inside, he asked for his rug, which at this point is a very small bundle of rags.

He sat there looking dejected and cold and sad. But then I had an idea that would cheer us both up on such a chilly day. Hot chocolate! I told Bow about my idea, and he immediately perked up. He kept cheering me on with positive grunts as I prepared the hot chocolate in the kitchen. I served it with a spoon and warned him it was still quite hot.

Bow took delight in every aspect of his hot chocolate, handling the cup and the saucer and the spoon with care.

He took careful sips with the spoon at first.

Later, when he determined it was safe to do so, he started sipping directly from the cup.

He was very delicate and careful throughout the process.

Bow drank his hot chocolate slowly and deliberately until there was none left. Even after he had handed me back the cup and saucer, he still kept on slurping contentedly, savoring the memory of the warm, sweet treat. He was no longer upset about it being too cold to play out.