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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Unseasonably Warm and Windy with a Guest Wasp

Today has been unusually warm for an autumn day. All day long the wind has been whipping at the leaves.

Bow asked to go outside in the morning and enjoyed expressing himself.

He let everyone know exactly how he felt: strong and important and powerful.

He talked to the dogs in a gentler tone.

He watched the wind whip at the leaves.

And he settled down into a quiet contemplation of nature.

Bow settled down into some deep thoughts that he did not share with me.

We are close, but even in closeness not all is revealed.

After lunch I went for a walk in the pasture in the hot breezy air. When I returned, I found that Bow had an unexpected guest in the inner pen with him: a wasp.

The wasp was walking around on the floor, and Bow was ignoring it. I went to get a container to put over the wasp. Bow was singularly uninterested in what I was doing.

I then needed to get a nice stiff sheet of paper to put under the container, so I could transport the wasp out. The laminated newspaper account about the signing for "Theodosia and the Pirates" that Representative Ross had sent me earlier this year came in handy for that.

I slipped the laminated newspaper under the container and the wasp was trapped and ready for transport.

Bow was not interested in the wasp still. Something else on the floor caught his attention.

He did not object, however, when I took the wasp outside to release it. The wasp did not seem in a hurry to fly away, though.

When I went back to Bow in the inner pen, he did not mention the wasp at all. He just wanted me to get him his rug.


  1. I like the second picture of Bow. I am going to pin that one.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I like that second photo, too!