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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Planting the Seeds

Bow can be very cooperative sometimes. Yesterday he was prepared to take a nap, and I thought he looked very cute, so I came and took his picture.

But the picture did not seem clear enough, so I moved in closer. "Don't move," I told Bow. "I'm taking your picture." He didn't move a muscle!

This cooperation is not something I can count on, though. It's only when he feels like being cooperative that he does as I ask.

This morning I decided to start a small experiment in gardening. I have been admiring my friend Julia's container gardening for several years now, but I do not have a green thumb, nor time to devote to gardening away from Bow. But what if Bow could help?

I apologize for the quality of these videos shot with my cell phone. I am not good at multitasking, and when I handed the camera to Bow to film what I was doing, it did not really turn out the way I wanted. So you will some unsightly footage of my finger and and some dark spots where Bow was holding the camera. But this is how it went.

Once he was done planting, Bow was really done. He handed me the watering can and asked to go back inside, where he took a long nap after all that work.

Bow handing me the watering can as if to say "We're done here."


  1. I do very little with my container garden. I just water it, basically. I think you and Bow will have good results now that there is warmer weather there.

    1. Thanks, Julia, for the encouragement. I hope so!