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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Giddiness

It is easy to feel giddy when spring is in the air. Everything all around us is blossoming.
the cherry tree in blossom
Bow has his moments of quiet contemplation, of watching nature as it unfolds, of being a spectator and not a participant.

But at other moments, he becomes active and the center of attention.

This morning, playing with Leo, Bow became progressively more active. Sometimes I forget how naturally athletic he is, climbing the walls and hanging from the rafters.

Even when we think the game is over, it may not yet be. In the following clip, Bow was grooming my hand, and Leo summoned him to play some more. Bow went to join him and in the process he suddenly remembered how much fun it is to hang upside down from the ceiling.

You might think the swing is there for Bow to exercise on, but he often takes his exercise from the walls and beams of the enclosure, and then uses the swing for quiet relaxation.

When everything is in bloom, it is hard not get giddy sometimes.

One of our peach trees in bloom


  1. Looks like Brownie found a prize / toy! Bow is very strong to be hanging upside down like that....wish I could do that, and I wouldn't have to worry about how much money an incline table costs! :)

    1. Hi, Kathy. Yes, Brownie loves to retrieve things. If you do not throw him something, he will find a rock or a stick, throw it, retrieve it and then chew on it very happily. Bow -is- very strong. And no one had to teach him how to do gymnastics. He did not learn it from me!

  2. I love the cherry blossom and photos of Bow.