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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Napping in the Lap of Nature

When the weather is nice, Bow enjoys being outdoors so much that he chooses to stay out most of the day. Yesterday was warm, there was a gentle breeze, and the birds were serenading all day long. Bow came in for meals and snacks, but other than that, he just wanted to stay outside, even during nap time.

There are many health benefits to taking a nap. It's a way to recharge and de-stress, and if you take a short nap in the afternoon, then it will eventually also help you to sleep better at night. Bow does not need to be told this. He takes a nap every afternoon. But there is nothing like a nap outside in the very lap of nature!

When the birds are serenading, repeating the same line of music over and over again, this is the perfect ambient noise, the one we evolved to sleep to.

Even if you start out wide awake, eventually as the breeze caresses your face and the birds repeat the same flourish of notes, your lids will grow heavy.

You will be lulled into a sense of security, knowing that if any predator were to approach, the birds and the dogs who are keeping watch over you will sound the alarm.

There is nothing to worry about. You are safe and snug and loved and cared for. The birds are telling you that.

Yesterday afternoon was the perfect day for an outdoor nap. Conditions were optimal. There was nothing to worry about and nothing to fear, as the birds stood watch over Bow.

Bow took full advantage of the opportunity, as who wouldn't? 

Today is another day. The skies are overcast and dark clouds are threatening. The birds in the front yard are still singing, but they are not saying "all is well". 

Instead, they are chirping: "It's going to rain! It's going to rain!" I predict that Bow will take his nap indoors today. But while it lasted, yesterday was the perfect day for a nap in the lap of nature.


  1. Sometimes I like to nap in the later afternoon so I have energy to get up and do things later at night.

    1. I like to nap, too, Julia, when I get a chance.

  2. Great pictures, Aya! Your story made me sleepy. Ha! I don't think I know *how* to take a proper nap. I wake up grumpy and feeling worse than I would have, had I just stayed awake. Then I can't go to sleep at night.
    Maybe I need to go do a Bing search on, "how to take a nap".
    by the way, we didn't get any rain today...did you?

    1. You must take naps that are way too long, Kathy, if you wake up feeling worse. The best naps are short and sweet.

      No, we did not get rain, either. I must have misinterpreted what the birds were saying!

  3. Yes, I think you are right that I "nap" too long. Maybe I should try setting an alarm clock.