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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Watering the Plants -- and Bow

The last few days have been rather cold. After the storms, we seemed to be hidden under a pall. And even when the clouds cleared and the sun was shining again, it was still very cold out for several days.

As long as the sun was shining, though, no matter how cold it was, Bow was happy to go out and bathe in its light.

The pea plants continued to prosper, more or less, and Bow did not appear to notice them at all.

Only every once in a while I would see that the plant had moved a little, and every time that happened the tendrils which had clung to grid were torn and the earth in the pot was a little disturbed. Up until today, I had seen no need to water the plants, because they had soaked up quite a lot of rain. But today is a bit warmer, and the dirt in the pot looked dry.

Bow did not want to help water, but he did want to be watered. He contrived to put his lips between the plants and the watering can and soak up most of the water. This was right after lunch, and he had had plenty to drink.

Have you ever known anyone to be jealous of a plant? I think Bow might be, just a little.


  1. That's funny. Maybe it's the novelty of the cold water pouring out of the brightly-colored can. The peas are growing quite spite of Bow's subtle efforts to stop them.

    1. Hi, Kathy, It could be the novelty, or just a way to get in on the action without actually helping to water the plants.

      Yes, the peas are doing pretty well, considering, But you should see the ones in the pot in the front yard. They are really springing up now, and they are a darker green. I think maybe they are a different variety. Bow's peas may be snow peas and the ones in the front could be English peas.

  2. Speaking of watering, I only water the plants every few days as well, and last night I accidentally did not turn the hose off all the way. Boy did I hear about it when I got home about the leaky hose. Thankfully it was a hundred degrees, so most of the water absorbed into the surrounding grass.

    1. Hi, Julia. I'm glad the extra water caused no damage at your place. When I turn off the hose, I then try to let all the water come out that was left over inside the hose.That way, I can tell if the dripping is because I didn't close off the flow completely or whether it is just extra runoff. Otherwise, it can be confusing.