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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Everyone Gets a Say and No One Will Eat the Carrots

Of course, Bow is not the only one in our family who has mood swings or who feels the need to express himself.

 In this video from two days ago, Brownie and Leo got to chime in, and each of them had a say. Notice how tolerant Bow is of their self-expression.

Leo is the youngster, and he has so much energy that he can spend hours barking at a squirrel who is up in  a tree/ Brownie is the older of the two dogs, and sometimes he just complains. Although we don't know exactly how old he is, he must be at least nine by now. Here is a link to an article that explains how we got him.

When there are rabbits on the other side of the fence, both dogs tend to notice. They regard the rabbits as trespassers.

On Tueday evening, as I was backing out of the driveway, I spotted a rabbit by the fence.

Though this picture makes the rabbit seem quite far away, it's the closest I have gotten to any of the wild rabbits on my land, and it almost seemed as if I could reach out and touch it.

At first I tried filming the rabbit from the window of the car, then I rolled down the window and eventually I tried to exit the car and get closer, but between the barking and my car's annoying alarm, the rabbit was scared away pretty fast. When I returned from shopping that evening, I saw the three rabbits I know, the big one, the medium one and the small one, run into the woods single file, smallest first and biggest last.

After this close encounter, I decided to leave some baby carrots for the rabbits outside. But it's been two days. and nobody has eaten those carrots! I have also not seen any of the rabbits since then. Do you think maybe I offended them by offering store-bought food?

What is wrong with those carrots, anyway? Bow won't eat them, either. Provisioning wildlife is much harder than people make it seem. What grows on my land naturally is apparently much better than what I can buy at the store. And the rabbits, the turtles, the squirrels, the birds and Bow are all in on some secret about these carrots that I don't know.

Bow is very tolerant of my blind ignorance. I don't notice what he thinks is obvious. Sometimes Bow asks me to move aside so he can have more room to display, as happened in the video above from yesterday.

This morning, I had to go mow the grass in the backyard. The dogs wanted to play. Brownie was so into the game of fetch-the-rock that he acted like a very young puppy.

Leo, who does not come pre-wired with the fetch gene, just barks a lot when we play. His enjoyment of the fetch-game is entirely vicarious.

I did eventually mow the grass, as you can see by the evidence on the mower. I think the rabbits in the fields might actually appreciate the remains of grass on the mower better than they like the carrots that I left them out back. Too bad I can't get them to come clean the mower  -- or better yet, trim the grass in the backyard, when the dogs are asleep indoors at night.


  1. I bet your baby carrots will all be gone by tomorrow morning. :)

    1. I hope so, Pam! But if that happens, I will be curious to know who ate them.

  2. That is strange that no one would eat the store bought carrots. Sometimes I notice they have a certain smell to them. (The ones that come in the little bags anyways). Like the video of bow watching the dogs barking at the squirrel.

    1. I don't know what is up with those carrots, Susan. Maybe I should use the wildlife as tasters on all the store bought produce, so they can tell me if something is wrong with the food I buy.