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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome Back

I was away for two and a half days, on a trip to St. Louis. Lawrence stayed with Bow. Did Bow miss me? Yes, and no. I told Bow when I would be back, and for the first two days of my absence, he was perfectly fine with that. It was not until the third day that he started asking Lawrence when I would return.

This morning, Bow saw that I was reading a book called "The Mainspring of Human Progress" and he immediately wanted to read it, too.

Then he noticed that the door between the two internal pens was ajar, so he decided to work on tightening the lock.

Then we went outside, and Bow was playful rather than aggressive. He invited Leo to play chase with him, and he tagged me a couple of times, wanting me to follow along.

A couple of things you may have noticed in the outer pen: one, the floor is perfectly clean, as Lawrence has swept away all the dead leaves and sprouting plants, and two, the pea plant is really on its way out of existence.

Other things that I noticed when I got back: the common milkweed has finally bloomed, and it seems to attract bees, rather than butterflies.

There was a single bee buzzing about there yesterday.

Also, the rabbits are back. On the day I left on the trip to St. Louis, I saw that someone had taken all the carrot sticks I had scattered, but I did not see any rabbits as I drove away. Last night, I went for a walk and I saw a rabbit close to the garage who led me on another of those slow chases.

There were two much smaller rabbits in the vicinity, and I am pretty sure this rabbit was trying to protect them, hence the circuitous path that it took to lead me away.

There are lots of very young rabbits in evidence on the side of the roads this time of year. They may seem as if they are all alone,  but I think they have parents supervising their activities and making sure they don't get hurt.

It was nice to take a trip to the big city. I enjoyed my time away. But it is also very good to be back.


  1. I think it is great you were able to meet people who were also on Hubpages, and it seems like that is a good thing many people have got out of that site.

    1. Hi, Julia. You are right. That was the best thing about HP: that we met people whose friendships far outlived the usefulness of that site. I count you among them, though we have never met in person.

  2. I didn't realize you were leaving town for a couple of days! I came home on Sunday and now have to turn around & leave again too. Glad you enjoyed St. Louis and got to take Sword with you. So nice of Lawrence to take care of Bow for you!
    All my common milkweed is developing seed pods now! I can't wait until it's time to gather them and spread them in some new areas.
    Looks like Bow was very happy to have you come home too....there's just no place like home. :-)

    1. Hi, Kathy. You do travel a lot! It's good that you at least got to be home for the 4th of July.

      Your common milkweed must have bloomed a lot earlier than mine. When it does go to seed, I will just let the wind and the elements determine where the new plants will sprout. Last time. it was at exactly the same spot. Or at least, I did not see where the rest of the seeds landed.