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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Mowers and the Forecast

Yesterday started out as a very sunny, hot day. In the morning, Bow was pretty happy and content, overseeing his domain from the outer pen.

However, around mid-morning the mowers arrived, and their presence and their noisy machines made Bow feel less comfortable. He went and sat in the corner and rocked at first.

Things were not as they should be, he felt. Something ought to be done about it.

The solution was obvious. It was time to put on a display.

When Bow displays he gets very active, the adrenaline rushes to his brain, and he feels much better.

One display is usually not enough to neutralize the mowers.

Eventually, the mowers finished their work. Bow watched them leave.

Then we went inside. and I let Bow play with my iPhone.

This video was shot on my LG, which was my previous cell phone. The resolution is much lower than on the iPhone, but the up side is that it takes very little time to upload. Even though the LG no longer receives service, it still functions as a camera, an organizer and an alarm clock. 

Bow is fascinated by the iPhone and seems to know what one does with it, but his touch on the screen does not often elicit a response from the phone. If it did work, it could serve as a much better communication device than the old touch screen, because it is portable, and since Bow sees me use it all the time, he wants to use it, whereas he never really wanted to use the computer. Now all we need is a text to speech Hebrew app for the iPhone.

Anyway, this time around, all Bow managed to do was to bring up the forecast, which was sunny. As soon as he heard this, Bow asked to go outside again, presumably to take advantage of the sunny weather. But when we went outside, it was not sunny anymore. The wind was blowing. The skies were cloudy and overcast, and tiny drops of rain were starting to fall. 

"It's not sunny like they said," I told Bow.

 He smiled philosophically about it. He never believed the forecast.

Soon after that we went in, just before the rain started to fall in torrents. 

Rain falls on the newly mown grass in the front yard
They say that our region is going through a drought, but it does not seem that way on my property. The grass is green, the wildlife is thriving, and we have more bunnies than any other neighbor. Maybe the rabbits have done something to keep the rain coming. 


  1. We finally got some rain yesterday, but it was flash flood like, so I did not go out to take pictures.

    1. Hi, Julia. I am glad you got some rain, even if you do need much more. Every little bit helps. Our rain was also rather brief, but it got quite heavy while it lasted.