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Thursday, October 23, 2014

In the Swing of Fall

Fall is in full swing now, and Bow is swinging, too.

The air is crisp. The leaves are turning, and even the grass is starting to change its hue.

The big red maple is slowly starting to turn color.

And mushrooms are springing up from the lawn.

Bow is energized by the fall weather, and he asks to go out frequently.

The swing, which he often ignores in the summer, has suddenly come into full use again.

Leo has only to tease Bow a little bit, and Bow starts thinking about getting up on that swing.

Once on, he not only swings.

He also displays.

Bow can see his reflection in the glass of the doors that lead to the inner pens.

As he vocalizes and blows raspberries to impress Leo, he will occasionally steal a glance at his own reflection, to see how truly impressive he is.

Then when it's all over, Bow will switch to the bench, where he can relax, his  excess energy spent.


  1. I with Bow - would MUCH prefer to be outside in this wonderful Fall weather! But my human skeletal frame would never be able to adapt to Bow's way of perching on the back of that bench. He looks so comfortable - I'd be in agony. :-)

    1. Yes, it is really nice out right now. I enjoyed my afternoon walk, too.

      Bow is very flexible and can carry his own weight very well, as it is mostly muscle. What always impresses me is how he just jumps up from the ground onto a high perch with seemingly no effort. It's almost like lifting himself by the bootstraps!