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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rainy Day Weather

It wasn't rainy in the morning, but the sky grew progressively darker. By the time I went for my after lunch walk, it was beginning to look stormy.

The hawks tried to finish up last minute hunting.

The sky over our ribbon of private road became a very dark shade of greyish blue.

Bow was not happy. He hated it when the rain started to come down  and the thunder sounded. But, surprisingly, after a brief display at the weather gods, he asked to play with the iPhone. As long as he was making faces at the screen and taking selfies, the weather did not phase him.

After a while, Bow got very sleepy. It was dark in the pen, and he had his fill of sticking his tongue out at the camera, so he lay down on his blanket, with one foot on my leg, and started to fall asleep. Every once in a while the sound of distant thunder made him open his eyes, but he was not too worried.


  1. Great pictures, Aya! I was so happy to finally see the rain here too! It's so funny to see Bow making faces and enjoying taking selfies.
    I see the leaves on your trees are starting to turn for fall too. Ours are turning, but not very bright colors and today is the first rainfall we've had in well over 5 weeks.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Bow really does like to see his face on that very small screen.

      Yes, our leaves are just now starting to turn. It seems to hit the smaller trees first.

      It may not rain very often, but everything is still quite green here. It's not anything like a drought.