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Friday, February 20, 2015

Bow's Green Shirt

As if all the gifts he received for his birthday were not enough, Bow got a green net shirt from Lawrence this Wednesday.

For some reason, Bow prefers to keep his head hidden within the shirt when he wears it.

It's not that Bow has never worn clothes. He did wear them for the first five years of his life. And it's not that the opening for the head in the shirt is too small. It's plenty big enough. But this is how Bow chooses to wear the shirt, and his preferences are entirely up to him.


  1. I think Bow is being very coy with you and maybe has a very funny sense of humor. ;-)

  2. At least he had some fun with the gift. I know some people who just get rid of a gift they do not like. That is why I am so hesitant to ever buy anything for anyone because people re-gift left and right. Most of the time I just give people something small.

    1. Yes, he is enjoying the gift. Bow does not throw gifts away, though he does often destroy them eventually with use.