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Monday, February 16, 2015

Bow's Thirteenth Birthday

It snowed last night, and this morning the world was covered in a white blanket as Bow looked forward to his special day.

There was no possibility of going outside, and I also thought that any special deliveries scheduled for today might not be delivered. I seriously doubted that the small birthday party I had planned for him would take place, as many of the roads were impassable. But it was Bow's birthday, so we started the day with an early morning breakfast pear.

Bow took his time, savoring the birthday breakfast treat,

Bow napped a little during the late morning after breakfast, but he also saw me make many preparations, and he knew what to expect. Just before lunch, despite my unplowed driveway, a delivery arrived for "BOW KATZ": two boxes of luxury pears.

At this point, Bow was thinking the party should start, and all during lunch he kept looking out toward the front door, expecting guests. "What's he looking at?" my daughter asked, "He knows it's his birthday, and he's expecting all his friends to come by." "What friends?"

I told Bow that the party wasn't starting till two, but it was actually delayed until two thirty, because getting here was that hard. Our guests were Lawrence and his two daughters, Miriam and Laurie. Bow was very excited!

Bow was fully engrossed by the birthday song for a moment, but before it was over, he was already waiting for cake. After the cake, Bow was just a little overwhelmed by having so many people here at once. He was happy to see them, but he was overstimulated. Bow handles good things better when they are one at a time. So Sword invited Miriam and Laurie to her room, and Bow became much more calm with Lawrence as the only guest. After that, Bow decided on his own when to summon each of the girls separately so he could focus on each with greater clarity in a one on one encounter.

When Miriam appeared alone, Bow could appreciate her all the more.

Smelling people's socks is always a good way to get to know them better.

Laurie wanted to show Bow the feather Sword gave her, but Bow was not impressed. However, by now he was relaxed enough to take a rest on the floor even though there was still company. By the time the party was over, Bow was very relaxed.

This was such an eventful birthday, that Bow did not even find time to open most of his presents, and he did not ask to play with the balloon Laurie gave him. But that just means there will be plenty more to celebrate tomorrow!


  1. Looks like Bow had a lot of stimulation and excitement on his birthday! Happy Birthday, Bow!
    I had to laugh at the video with Miriam letting Bow smell her socks. I doubt anyone could search the internet and find another video of someone sharing their smelly socks with a chimpanzee, Aya! Hahaha!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. It was definitely an exciting and eventful day for Bow. Smelling people's socks is something that Bow enjoys doing, so I would not be surprised if there turn out to be a few other videos out there involving Bow and people's socks. And who knows, maybe some other chimps and socks, too. It's a theory worth testing!