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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hit and Miss

Sometimes we have what we think of as close calls. Maybe they are not really close calls. But it feels that way to us.

Bow has been watching the Katy Perry music video, Roar. That other video of her with Elmo led him to select this one. The first time he watched it, he swayed with the music and watched it till the very end, calming down when the music stopped.

However, when he watched the same video, a second time,  he started to get worked up and displayed, stopping the video at the exact point where the tiger attacks the man who is with Katy Perry.

Bow did not hurt the computer. It still works, and I am using it to write this post, but he did seem very affected by the tiger attack the second time he saw it.

During this same period, I had what I felt at the time was a close call with a snake. I saw this snake in the middle of the path, and I was going to take its picture. I could not tell from a distance whether it was Prairie Kingsnake or a Copperhead, and the only really good way to tell was to get a close look at its eyes. Copperheads have slit pupils. But before I could get close enough to see the pupils, it jumped out at me. I was startled and dropped the camera.

After retrieving my phone, I decided it would be more prudent not to get a closeup of the snake, after all. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. I shared the picture with many of my friends, and most of them were convinced it was a copperhead. But then a snake expert on Twitter ruled that this was just a harmless mole kingsnake, So it was not a close call, after all.


  1. Still think it was better to be cautious about the snake. I can see why Bow might be upset about the tiger attacking the man. I am kind of a baby and cannot watch violent movies. There is a British movie called Redemption with Jason Statham my friend wanted me to watch because she thinks he is handsome. I had a really hard time getting through this movie because there were many stabbing scenes, which is supposed to be authentic since guns are not allowed in London. Well I do not like violence of any kind, and a stabbing scene is sometimes worse than a shooting scene in a movie. Irina started freaking out during the stabbing scenes, so I finally had to turn the movie off.

    1. Yes, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to avoiding a snake bite.

      I now see how really violent that Katy Perry video actually is, even if it is a cleaned up, sterilized kind of violence. Bow helped me see that.

      I would much rather watch a movie with guns than with knives. Stabbings are horrific.