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Friday, November 27, 2015

Bow's Thanksgiving 2015

Bow sips of sparkling grape juice
Bow enjoyed his Thanksgiving feast yesterday.

Bow's main Thanksgiving courses prepared by Grandma

As usual, Bow's grandmother is visiting us for Thanksgiving this year, and it is largely due to her culinary skills that we had such great food to eat.

The only thing not made by Grandma was the pumpkin pie, which we ordered from  a local church group
The only thing not made by my mother was the pumpkin pie, which we bought from a local church group. Bow's dessert consisted of  slice of pumpking pie and  a mincemeat cookie baked by Grandma.

Bow's dessert

Bow chose all the sweet things to eat first. He started with the cranberry sauce, which is his favorite.

He ate the pie and mincemeat cookie so fast that it was hard to capture a good shot.

The turkey leg met with limited success. Then it was on to the stuffing, which he ate more slowly.

I made a short montage of key moments in Bow's Thanksgiving feast this year. It has been increasingly difficult for me to upload longer sequences, so this is a good way to compress time and show all the fine eating.

I hope you enjoyed the film and that your Thanksgiving was just as magical.


  1. Looks like Bow had a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. I LOVE pumpkin pie, but I haven't bothered to learn how to make a homemade one myself. I usually get the ones at T&C, but just haven't this year. That one from the church group looks really yummy! I like real whipped cream on mine.
    Bow apparently knows the adage, "life's short - eat dessert first! I'm glad your Mom was able to visit you guys and make such delicious food for your Thanksgiving.

    1. Yes, Bow follows that adage about eating dessert first. It was great having my mom here for Thanksgiving and getting to enjoy her cooking.

      I'm glad they called from the church group and asked if we wanted to order a pie. It was delicious! I don't know how to bake them from scratch myself, so probably would have baked a frozen one, otherwise.

  3. Why is it becoming harder to upload videos for you?

    1. I don't know why, but my DSL service must be slowing down. It takes hours to upload a three minute clip.

    2. Three times in the last 8 years we've had that issue. We have Centurytel (now CenturyLink). We called service and they came out and discovered we had issues in our connection outside for 2 of the instances and the 3rd instance was a problem with our own modem. Maybe consider calling your provider?
      The other thing I do is only upload large videos at night when everyone else is going to bed and not choking the pipeline watching videos. :-)

    3. I've had the CenturyLink tech over quite recently, the last time it rained. He did fix some issue with the connection outside, but it's still very slow for me to upload things. I sometimes let the computer do its upload work overnight, though I have found that early in the morning is the quickest time to upload.To some extent, this problem is exacerbated by the fact that my videos are higher definition now than they used to be.