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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Chilly Springtime

Everything is in bloom now, but it has been very cold out lately, especially in the mornings. Yesterday morning, Bow asked to go out, then immediately changed his mind.

Although the mornings are chilly, many of the afternoons are nice and warm. Both Bow and the dogs seem to enjoy those times out of doors.

Sometimes I am in with Bow, looking out at the dogs, and sometimes I am out with the dogs, looking in on Bow.

We did not have an Easter egg hunt this year. Bow is fourteen and too mature for that. But he did get some Easter treats, in moderation.

He tore the little box of Easter dots open with his mouth, then ate them one by one, a dreamy look on his face.

Sometimes Bow asks to be left alone. But he never words it that way. Yesterday after lunch, he kept motioning for me to go out to the front yard, taking my key and pointing at the door, but when I asked him what he wanted, he spelled out: "תנסי לצלם פרחים" -- "Try to take pictures of flowers." There was something decidedly condescending in the way he worded that. But I complied.

The pear blossoms yesterday

Bow is not interested in pictures of flowers. But he knows that I am. So there's theory of mind for you in practice. And, yes, there are times when a fourteen year old needs to be alone. I do understand.


  1. The best time to purchase Easter treats is two days after Easter. I got my sister some chocolate candy at Target yesterday, and it is 30% off right now. People always think the cheapskates are weird to celebrate holidays after holidays, but you can save some money. Of course you could not save candy for a year, but this would be a good time to buy decorations and save these until next year.

    1. Yes, that's generally a good idea, about buying after the holiday, Julia. Does candy really go stale if you save it for a year? Anyway, I am trying to cut down on the candy habit for my family. None of us are little kids, anymore, not even Bow. And straight sugar is not that good for us.

  2. Haha - "*TRY* to take pictures of flowers". I can understand how that might be taken in a condescending tone. It's interesting how one word can change the meaning of a sentence....maybe the misuse of a word having an unintended impact. I love the language and I'm always interested in how different people and Bow use it, but I have work to do in my own personal use of it too, often catching myself saying something that I didn't quite mean in the way it was taken.
    One more note - the first video of Bow going out, then realizing it was cold and coming back in - I've done that too on a few of these sunny mornings. "oops, not quite as warm as it LOOKS".

    1. Hi, Kathy. I have to work on my diplomacy skills, too, so I don't take it too badly when Bow words things like that. And yes, it can be deceptively cold though sunny in the mornings here right now.