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Thursday, March 3, 2016

The First Spring Flowers

The snow did not stay for long. By Leap Day, it was quite nice out.

Bow enjoyed sunning on top of the bench in the outer pen, as well as a rare treat: a tangelo.

It was warm, it was nice, and at dusk you could hear both the birds and the coyotes.

The burnt field began to turn green.

It is nicer now that we are in the month of March. Bow sometimes asks for his blanket, but it is not because he is cold, and not because he needs a blanket.

Sometimes Bow is just reluctant to defy genre expectations and talk about something other than his blanket.

The sunrises have become especially lovely in the last few days -- even nicer than sunsets.

And today, we saw the very first flower bloom by the lagoon.

Its leaves had been singed by the fire, but this crocus pushed through undeterred.

The next flower getting ready to bloom beside the crocus is a daffodil. But a stray dandelion on the lawn has beat it to the punch, already open in bright yellow splendor.

Fair weather is not promised to us, of course. It may yet snow again. It certainly does seem about to storm.

But as far as the flowers are concerned, spring has sprung


  1. I would take the rain and snow over dry weather. However, the drought trend seems to be on the rise in SoCal. Some areas change over time. It seems the rain and snow just are not coming anymore.

    1. I hope you have rain soon, Julia. But I suppose the dry spells can also be beautiful, as deserts often are.

  2. Your flowers are coming up so early, Aya! I don't have any that have bloomed here yet. I hope they bloom soon as it has been so warm, I'm afraid the bees are starting to come out and will have difficulty finding food!
    I love listening to the coyotes. Sometimes, I'll go outside in the dark and howl with them. Bob laughs when they respond. I personally adore them - they are my favorite underdogs!

    1. Hi, Kathy. I can just imagine you howling with the coyotes! I don't even try, as I am sure I would howl off-key.

      Soon you will have many more flowers than I do. I just have one crocus and one daffodil this year, because of the grass fire. But I imagine we will still have plenty of wildflowers in the pasture.